§ How can I use the badge?

The badge can be included in all pages that support Markdown. Here's an example:

rugpullindex.com rank

and here's the code for it:

[![rugpullindex.com rank](https://img.shields.io/badge/dynamic/json?url=https://rugpullindex.com/api/v1/indices/OP-COMPOSITE-V1/ranks/did:op:7Bce67697eD2858d0683c631DdE7Af823b7eea38&label=rugpullindex.com&query=rank&color=blue&prefix=%23)](https://rugpullindex.com)

§ Can I invest in the data sets on the front page?

For now you can by directly buying each data set in the Ocean Protocol Marketplace. You can't, however, invest in our index product directly yet as we've not yet launched out ERC-20 token. It's still in the making.

§ What ways are there to say up to date with the project?

We use multiple communication channels to inform about the project's progress. Our founder Tim has a personal blog that you can follow via email or RSS feed. We distribute our updates in several Ocean Protocol related Telegram channels and we're active in the Ocean Protocol Discord. For bigger posts, we also sometimes shares them on Hacker News or Reddit.