1. Introduction
  2. Basics
  3. Get rank by DID
  4. GET List of Top 25 Data Sets

§ Introduction

rugpullindex provides daily insights into data markets like Ocean Protocol and Big Data Protocol. In addition to the stats on our website, this data and more is also available for developers through our RESTful API.

Please note that rugpullindex's API is a work in progress for the time being. You can reach me (tim at daubenschuetz dot de) unbureauratically by sending me an email in case the API doesn't work or when you need better functionality.

§ Basics

Here's a few data points about the API:

name value
root https://rugpullindex.com/api/v1/
structure RESTful

§ GET rank by DID

Description: Given an index's identifier indexid and a did, this endpoint returns an asset's current rank on rugpullindex.com.


$ curl https://rugpullindex.com/api/v1/indices/OP-COMPOSITE-V1/ranks/did:op:7Bce67697eD2858d0683c631DdE7Af823b7eea38



§ GET List of Top 25 Data Sets

Description: Given an index's identifier indexid, this endpoints returns a sorted list of today's top 25 data set assets.


$ curl \
  -H "Authorization: Bearer <token>" \


  {"...", "and so on"}