§ About

rugpullindex.com is a data set index that measures the data set performance of all assets listed on the Ocean Protocol Data Market. It's a liquidity and gini-coefficient weighted index and features popular data sets, such as those of DataUnion.app (QUICRA-0), Evotegra (EXACANE-93), Swash (GENFUG-26), Innovation Atelier SA (LUMSTA-42), DataWhale (TREPEL-36).

§ Technical Details

We crawl all of Ocean Protocl's data markets on a daily basis. All data markets are then ranked relatively to their market's liqudity and by how equal the market's stake is distributed among liquidity providers (we use a gini coefficient).

What you can see the result on the front page: The best data sets are ranked highest.

§ Vision

Our long-term vision is the creation of a decentralized index coin (ERC-20) on Ethereum that will allow investors to gain diversified exposure to the best data assets sold on Ethereum. Follow our blog for the latest updates.

§ Team

rugpullindex.com is built by Tim Daubenschütz, Scott Milat and many others in the OceanDAO community. Visit us on the Ocean Protocol Discord to say hi!