Table of Contents
  1. Introduction
  2. Overview
  3. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

rugpullindex.com is a data set index that measures the data set performance of all assets listed on the Ocean Protocol Data Marketplace. It's a liquidity and gini-coefficient weighted index and features popular data sets, such as those of DataUnion (QUICRA-0), Evotegra GmbH (EXCANE-93), Swash (GENFUG-26) and DataWhale (TREPEL-36).

For a list of the components of the index, see List of top 25 data assets below. Read the launch post to learn more technical details.

1. Overview

rugpullindex.com crawls all of Ocean Protocol's markets on a daily basis. All markets are ranked relatively to their overall liquidity and a gini coefficient calculated from all liquidity providers (50%:50%) using min-max normalization (see "Score" column). It means that all data sets are ranked by risk of investment, where highest score means lowest risk and vice versa. For more details, read our launch post.

rugpullindex.com is an attempt to rate and indexify assets based on market performance data. Our long-term goal is the creation of an decentralized on-chain data set index end users can invest in. rugpullindex.com was born out of the necessity to rate an asset's risk to get rug pulled.

To read our latest updates, please visit our blog "the changelog.txt".

rugpullindex.com is a work-in-progress. For business inquiries or API access, please get in touch with: tim(at)daubenschuetz.de.

2. Frequently Asked Questions
2.1 How do I display a badge for my data set on the Ocean Marketplace?

The Ocean Marketplace uses Markdown to render the info text area. Markdown can be used to render images. To add a badge to your Ocean Marketplace offering, copy the following code and replace the `[did]` section with the did (e.g. did:op:7Bce67697eD2858d0683c631DdE7Af823b7eea38) of your data set.

[![rugpullindex.com rank](https://img.shields.io/badge/dynamic/json?url=https://rugpullindex.com/api/v1/indices/OP-COMPOSITE-V1/ranks/[did]&label=rugpullindex.com&query=rank&color=blue&prefix=%23)](https://rugpullindex.com)
The following example shows a badge for the data set with the symbol "QUICRA-0":
[![rugpullindex.com rank](https://img.shields.io/badge/dynamic/json?url=https://rugpullindex.com/api/v1/indices/OP-COMPOSITE-V1/ranks/did:op:7Bce67697eD2858d0683c631DdE7Af823b7eea38&label=rugpullindex.com&query=rank&color=blue&prefix=%23)](https://rugpullindex.com)

2.2 Is there a way to invest in this Index?

Not yet. I'm working on it.

2.3 How can I stay up to date with this project?

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