§ RPI Vision and Goals for Current and Future Contributors and Community Members

§ 2021-11-16

The below document outlines the most recent vision, goals and key metrics for the RPI project.

§ How this document came about

The founding goal of rugpullindex.com was to reduce the risk of data token investors/stakers getting rugpulled.

Since then, rugpullindex.com has undergone a number of updates and the project has welcomed many new contributors, community members and users.

We realised it was worthwhile investing some time in clarifying the vision for RPI and defining some key metrics to help ensure the efforts we’re putting in week to week are taking us in the direction we want to go.

The vision and metrics below are proposed as a starting point for discussions among current and future RPI contributors and community members. They can and will change as the surrounding environment changes, whether that be the users, contributors or other market forces.

§ The Vision for rugpullindex.com

Since its inception, rugpullindex.com has been about helping regular users get clearer insights about the risks associated with staking or investing their data tokens.

As RPI grows we want to continue highlighting on-chain risks for users. These could be additional risks related to staking or investing in data tokens or to expose rugpull risks on other chains.

§ RPI’s Goal

Highlight on-chain risks for users.

§ 3 Focus Areas

Three core focus areas have been identified to help achieve this goal in line with the overarching vision.

  1. Identify new risks
  2. Share risks with more users
  3. Increase the value exchanged

§ A description for each of these focus areas can be found below.

Identify new risks - This could be relating to new emerging risks within Ocean and/or for stakers and investors on other chains.

Share risks with more users - How can we attract more users? How can we make it even easier for these users to identify and understand these risks (e.g. UX/UI).

Increase the value exchanged - How can we increase the value we create for the user groups we serve? How might we measure the value we create?

§ Key Metrics

Below are the leading and lagging metrics we will start tracking to monitor our progress towards achieving our vision and goal.

§ Lead Metrics (real-time measurable)
§ Lag Metrics (measurable over a longer period of time)

§ Actions & Next Steps

Suggest edits or updates to this document.

Look at the work you are doing now and see if/how it fits into achieving one or more of the key metrics. If you’re not sure feel free to discuss it on Discord as it will help get everyone more aligned.

When you pick up your next task or write your next proposal, think about which metrics you are optimising for and how the work you are proposing will contribute towards achieving the goal and vision of rugpullindex.com

Written by Scott Milat with help from the RPI team