§ Quick Update

§ 2021-05-13

Here's a quick update on the things that I've been up to in the last few days:

From the outside, these projects might look arbitrary. To me, however, they're helpful to gather more information about the state of scalability. I want to find out: Can we truly build scalable dapps today? Dapps that don't have insane gas costs. And if so, how?

The reason for taking a closer look is to have clarity that building a scalable dapp is possible today. You see, I'm sceptical as I've been burned with scaling promises both in the "permissioned blockchain" era as well as when "Ethereum Plasma" was a thing. Now, rollups seem to make a lot of sense from a scalability perspective. But let's not forget that previous scaling concepts made sense too. In the end, what matters is the rollups going into production and how much throughput they'll truely able to have.

I'm looking into rollups, as for me, there's no point in having my users trade assets for $100 transaction fee. But not only that. I think that it's starting to become an obligation to stand up as blockchain developer and take responsibility for the terrible pollutive nature of PoW chains. Sure, mining could be done with clean energy. But is it?

To have a positive impact, I think it's important optimizing for efficiency. Any tx that can be shaved off should be. And, hence, just building yet another simple Dapp simply doesn't cut it for me this time. It'll have to scale.

And so yeah, hence the research into rollups. It's been fun and I'm excited to continue improving the project.

Cheers, Tim