§ Major Performance Improvement is Live

§ 2021-04-21


over the last month or so, the site had started to slow down significantly for a few reasons:

That last one ended up taking 4-6 seconds uncached now. You may never notice it as I'm using Cache-Control, NGINX cache, and now also Cloudflare's CDN for caching the page all day.

However, I noticed the annoyingly slow page loads, so I decided to do something about them. Not only were they a problem for general usability, but they also stood in the way of adding other features, e.g.:

Hence, on Monday, I decided that computing scores on the fly have to stop! And since then, I've been heads down adjusting the database such that we get sub-second latencies for loading / on an uncached browser window.

Last week, I already took care of reducing the number of extra round trips by also finalizing a specially made library for drawing SVG line charts. svg-line-chart is integrated server-side and hence adds no additional overhead on delivery.

We end up with the following: The delivered data when accessing rugpullindex.com has a total footprint of 50KB, making it fastly available from almost any network!

Speed is a killer feature. I truly believe in that, and I hope you now come to rug pull index happily, knowing that the browser will load the page in no time.

Best, Tim