§ Termux Maintenance

§ 2021-04-05

I felt stressed before easter. Through COVID lockdowns and all, I ended up mostly working anyways. I mean, there isn't much more to do really. But then for easter, I decided that I don't want to spend time on the computer. I felt like wanting to do a small digital detox when visiting my parents in the south.

So instead of my computer, I ended up packing lots of books and even some utensils for drawing. Now that easter's done, I'm happy I've tried!

The main reason, I wanted to bring the computer was indeed rugpullindex. What was I supposed to do when the crawler went down or when other problems arose?

"For one, the crawler works fairly stable now," I thought. But another reason I felt comfortable leaving the Macbook Pro at home was that dev tools on Android are starting to become interesting.

To be able to maintain the rugpullindex server, I ended up generating a ed25591 SSH key on Termux and uploaded it. I tried SSH'ing into it and it seemed to work perfectly.

I also played around with Termux and related apps in the F-Droid store. They start to look quite promising. It's like having a full-featured shell on your phone. Some people even use it with a Bluetooth keyboard.

It sounds like such a cool idea for a product. Make phones more like computers. SSH over mobile internet. Anywhere!

Anyways, apart from some minor edits to the page, I didn't have much to maintain, fortunately. But using vim and SSH, I managed to write this little post, reflecting on this experience.

Happy Holidays everybody!