§ Thank You For Voting

§ 2021-03-07

On Friday, March 5, 2021, OceanDAO's round 3 vote finished. If you browsed the website last week, you might have noticed the yellow call-for-votes I had put on the front page. I can't prove that it had much of an effect on the voting outcome, but I can say that there's an essential difference between the votes of rounds two and three. Let's look at the data.

In round 2, 63.08k OCEAN tokens or three addresses voted for rugpullindex. That's 5.28% of all votes. This time around, 233.54k OCEAN tokens or two addresses voted, making it 7.73% (+2,48% or an increase of 47%, relative to round 2) of all tickets that voted.

I doubt that we can draw many insights from the above-presented data. Still, in the spirit of gathering data for self-improvement and record some insights for posterity, let's look at what deliberate optimizations I made between rounds 2 and 3:

Lastly, I'd like to thank all of my voters! Your vote allows me to spend quality time on issues that I think are worth exploring, thinking about, and fixing. Thank you! That's all for today.

Best, Tim