§ The Algorithm; It's Working!

§ 2021-02-23

On Feb 18, 2021, the maintainer of the "Oceancap - Datapool Evaluation and Charting" (ADASTA-60)" data set tweeted:

1.) We decided to close our Oceancap pool on 21/02 due to the market situation. We are pretty sure that @oceanprotocol is working hard on preparing an updated Marketplace in the near future. We are waiting on the sidelines and take a break for now.

— Oceancap - Datapool Evaluation and Charting (@OCharting) February 18, 2021

Since rugpullindex.com listed ADASTA-60 in its TOP 25 index for a while, I was curious how the ranking algorithm would react to the announcement. Remember, the algorithm ranks a data set based on its market's performance. It works "autonomously" and isn't capable of comprehending the statement—instead, it's rating each data set by its market's performance. Our thesis is that if a data set's market is strong, its value is high too and vice versa.

Here is ADASTA-60's performance within the context of the announcement:

| Date | Score | Gini | Liquidity (OCEAN) | Price (OCEAN) | |